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Once upon a time there was a girl and her hands could speak…

And I was there and I saw it happen (in fact I made it happen)

In other words, Using Lego® Serious Play® for market research purposes is just a great thing to do !


A few points to underline the greatness of this technique

Deeper, different, more layered, more personal

“hello, I’m Frank, 52 years old and I like traveling … “, that’s over.Asking to build who you are and what you are standing for results in exciting models and amazing personal stories.

Everyone, yes Everyone is engaged

No option to follow the crowd, to lose attention or to get overruled by a more extravert one. Everyone gets the space to ‘show’ her/his ideas. (And without any doubt! Everyone can do this).

Abstract and complex topics can be explored in a more easy and tangible way

Currently I’m working with consumers on a Lego® Serious Play® project regarding how to make xxx more sustainable and more embedded in its socio economic environment. With consumers we’re 'building' the ideal xxx.

Participants feel free, more engaged and involved

Using Lego® material, participants feel triggered in a very stimulating way. Being invited in a playful, colourful and safe universe of bricks and metaphors, makes it worth to take the extra mile.

or like a participant said: I was delighted to be able to build, to show and to share my points of view ... The use of the legos was very stimulating for me. Thanks to the concrete models I was able to express ideas and thoughts that I probably would not have been able to express simply with words only... (Franz, Bxl)

Hands are such a great and powerful tool

They are always busy, they are completely honest, they don’t have a hidden agenda. Did you know that our hands (compared to a.o. human speech) have the most direct and the fastest connection to our brains? Well let's use it!

And of course... it is fun when you can play. Right?!

And when you’re having fun everything is possible...


You want to know more about using Lego® Serious Play® in qualitative market research? send me an e-mail:

MaResCon Consulting is a market research agency with a playful touch.

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