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LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a method, a technique that facilitates and stimulates our thinking processes, the communication and problem-solving capabilities.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® evolved from the limitations of brainstorming sessions and talking shops and the search for ways to use our brain capacity as creatively and inventively as possible. A world away from flat flip charts and post-its, concrete building blocks are used to stimulate people to express themselves in a three-dimensional and therefore much more sophisticated and nuanced manner. The hands amplify the verbal output. Building replaces speech. Concepts are no longer explained but demonstrated and illustrated. The concrete aspect prevails, no matter how complicated the challenge.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® activates every participant. The deplorable rule of thumb that a mere 20% of people determine 80% of the content and the outcome does not apply here. Everyone is constantly contributing to the building process, through the same means.



The uniquely concrete character makes it possible to tackle complex challenges and questions in terms of policy, collaboration, innovation, identity, strategy… A few examples:

At a business/staff level

  • In case of a merger, people/teams have to get to know one another

  • Departments must be stimulated in transversal working

  • A group of people must gel into a team

  • Management aims to lay down guiding principles in terms of leadership

  • The corporate identity/company culture must take shape

  • The company is in full transition and a joint commitment is essential

  • Strategic choices must be made

On a product/brand level

  • Stimulating creative thinking in product development

  • Identifying/exploring market opportunities

  • Developing tactical and strategic plans of action



Throughout the entire process, the method always implements the same four basic steps: there is a challenge (a question), the construction of a model (the answer is quite literally ‘built’), the sharing (presenting the model to others) and the reflection (questioning and fine-tuning the model).


This highly specific approach generates intense commitment from every individual. Moreover, the layered character not only produces more creatively inspiring moments but also facilitates and stimulates people to listen to each other and learn how to question and understand each other’s viewpoints.


LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® results in outcomes and solutions that are shaped and supported by the group as a whole.

Your challenge
Your challenge

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