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Hands, brains and soul connected! MaResCon is specialised in Qualitative Market Research. Our ambition: delivering exciting and relevant research. Our objective: to help you understand all the ‘Market Why’s’ you are struggling with.

Frank Geers
Founder & Inspirer

Frank Geers is an Industrial Psychologist who pours his heart and soul into creative and out-of-the-box thinking research. My one ambition is to conduct exciting, interesting and relevant research.

I’ve been involved in this field since 1995 and have always focused on market research. Before starting my own company in 2012, I successively worked for Alpha Marketing Research, MarketResponse Int. Belgium, Research International and InSites Consulting.

I am also certified Lego® Serious Play® facilitator.

MaResCon has its own modest research space, suitable for in-depth interviews, smaller group discussion and informal meet & greets.


An internal television circuit allows the client to attend the sessions.

Own Facilities

MaResCon’s chief geographical area of activity is its home market of Belgium, and also the Netherlands. Still, in recent years we have broadened our horizons, conducting research in a large number of – mainly European – countries. 

MaResCon is not a niche player. We do not specialise in a specific sector or a clearly defined target group and we tackle both B2C and B2B projects. We cater to a broad spectrum of businesses (media, FMCG, industry, finance …).

This philosophy offers a dual advantage (although there will be some drawbacks too) : on the one hand our client pool is quite varied so we are always able to look at the market with a fresh pair of eyes; on the other hand the lessons we learn along the way frequently apply to other sectors as well. After all, the topic is the only thing that varies from one project to the next because the people are ultimately the same.

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